Sunday, 1 September 2013

Church on Sunday... Esves le Moutier

I love the surprises we find when investigating the churches of the region - like when we stopped in to visit the Church of St. Maurice in Esves le Moutier, a very small village (7 km east of Ligueil). The church, part of which dates from the 10th century, appears to be squeezed in between the houses of the village.

Once inside you are immediately struck by the ornate altar...

...why here?

There are two small side altars in the church.

The heavy pillars supporting the 12th century, square, bell tower.

The church has interesting seating.

and baptismal font.

Where's Joan?

She's here...well suited up

The village was the site of a monastery (French-'Moutier') from way back in 9th century and the village's name has evolves from these origins. The monastery was converted to a priory in 1673 and went through a period of fortification, examples of which can be still be seen in the tower and elevation of the church.

To the side of the door of the church, there is a plaque letting us know that François de Montmorency-Laval (1623-1708), first bishop of Quebec, was one a former canon of the priory.

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