Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Patrimoine day 2013...Part III...the lost chateau

Seeing the town of Chatillon-sur-Indre from the top of the donjon meant we could get an idea of how the former chateau (which we weren't really aware of before) fitted into to the fortified enclosure.

In 1274 Philip lll gave Chatillon to Pierre de la Brosse who was a favourite of the royal court. It was he who had the prestigious lodgings (chateau) built.

With its modern flat-roof  extensions and alterations the view from the inside the former courtyard isn't impressive...

....and once you enter through the normally closed doors, it doesn't really improve that much - as inside has, sometime in the past,been turned into a theatre...

...judging by the carpet and material and style of the seats it was probably back in the 60's!

This is no longer in use and has been superseded by a newer alteration underneath.

You do not really get any feel for its former grandeur until you pass through the building onto the large west- facing terrace which had been built in front of the now destroyed western 'curtain' wall.

From here you get great views and a strong sense of security.

The views from the street below does not give much away.

You can get better views from aerial views on the town's website here. It is claimed that it was used as a model for the royal lodgings at Loches - you can definitely see the similarities.

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