Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Patrimoine day 2013...Part II

Our second 'Patrimoine day' visit took us over to Chatillon-sur-Indre for two reasons,one, as looking at our plan for the day it provided us with a restaurant for lunch (to follow) and the opportunity to access the 'donjon'(for some reason now called 'Caesar's Tower) which previously we had only walked around at ground level.

Today we would be allowed to climb the steps 'at our own risk' as shown on the rather flimsy A4 sheet of paper sign as you entered. 

Ah well, fortune favours the brave!

Looking back down on the town from the steps you get a view of the 'Plantagenet Tower'...

...to remind us that this 12th century fortification was in fact built under the orders of  Henry II of England who rule over the area at the time.

As you walk around the base of the tower it is easy to see the strength of its position atop of the mound.

There is an opening at this level but this is not the original entrance to the keep...

...that can be seen further up. As to how they accessed it is not very clear.

 Our access was via some scaffolded  stairs which had a very temporary feel about them!

This lead to a steep set of stairs that took us up to the first level...

...which has an interesting domed floor .

From here a rather steep set of stairs take you to the top of the tower.

There was another flimsy sign,this time almost torn in half with a hand written note stating that one should use the available brush to brush away the spider's webs on the way up. We could only assume that we were not the first visitors of the day as there was no brush (it was at the top of the tower) and no spider's webs.

The climb was worth it...

 ...as it gave us great views over the town.

 I had noticed a large pipe running down the length of the tower and suggested that it may have been used as a water tower in the past...only to be told by my friend and neighbour David that this would not be the case. Well guess what - in 1932 it had been converted to give the town its public water supply before being replaced by a modern version. Below you can just about make out the said David at the top of the tower

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