Friday, 1 June 2012

Beards and brocantes...

Following on from yesterday's fluffy stuff I was tickled by the French name for candy-floss,spotted for sale at Sunday's brocante at Ligueil. It's 'Barbe a Papa' -grandpa's beard..

 It was a lovely sunny day and a pleasant change as the last few brocantes we have attended have been spoiled by bad weather. 

Rather liked this drum kit - just the thing for keeping in with the neighbours...and the innovative  use of the tree branch!

Footnote on beards...

You probably knew this already but just in case...the only member of  '70's rockers ZZ Top without the outrageous beard was called Frank Beard!


  1. Do you know where the local brocantes are for Sunday?

  2. There's a brocante at Abilly on 3rd June with a competition for the best jam!

  3. Thanks - already sent Gaynor 'mail re this.