Thursday, 21 June 2012

Brocante at Betz le Chateau

We visited the brocante at Betz le Chateau on Sunday - it was good to have the sunshine back.

The village was looking well and as we walked around we were struck by how pretty it was. We have driven through it many times and visited the chateau on 'Patrimone Day', the only day it is open to view but because you do not need to go up to the 'high' part of the village you miss quite a lot. We also came in the past to check out their 'banana festival'-surely the only one in France?- but were guided to a little 'big' top on the out skirts of the village.


Will have to come back and do a 'walk around' here. Bought a couple of small paintings and frames plus a red bottle to replace a display bottle we had in the kitchen of our Le Grand Pressigny house, Pauline had filled it with a red vinegar oil - to get the colour but some previous guests assumed it was for using, understandably and did just that! So rather than refill we bought a red glass bottle to replace it. Not a great deal else caught our eyes but as I said it was good to be out and about bumping into friends and acquaintances.Nothing for my 'bizarre' account but these couple of swells had me wishing I had someone to by them for!

Come on you know you want us!!

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