Monday, 18 June 2012

Happy to help...

Our current guest at Le Bourg is Sandra Beck from Arizona who is here on her second painting holiday. Last year she stayed at the 'Old Walnut Mill' with her friend Cathy who had also come to paint here in the Loire Valley. They were kind enough to give us some paintings of the house, the one above is currently hanging on our kitchen/diner.

She is just about to start the last week of her three week holiday with an exposition of her work in the restaurant here in Barrou. She has been busy painting the many views of the streets and houses of the village including 'Le Bourg' itself 

She has made many new friends in the village and some of them suggested that she should display her work and offered to organize the exposition. Unfortunately due to other commitments this has not been possible so it has fallen to Pauline and I to organize it.

Here is a copy of the 'flyer' I made to advertise it which Pauline has distributed in the local villages to stir up some interest. 
Une vue de Barrou

Nous vous invitons à venir découvrir Barrou à travers les yeux et les coups de pinceaux de l’artiste américaine Sandra Beck et d’autres artistes.

Leurs œuvres seront exposées du dimanche 17 au vendredi 22 juin dans le restaurant Les Tilleuls, dans le village.

Vous pourrez faire l’acquisition de ces tableaux si vous le souhaitez.

You are invited to view the village of Barrou through the eyes and brush strokes of visiting American painter Sandra Beck and others.

On display from Sunday 17th June until Friday 22nd at
 ‘ Les Tilleuls’ Restaurant within the village.

You can view more of Sandra's work here

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