Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Feu de St Jean...Barrou

On Saturday night the restaurant here in Barrou (Les Tilleuls) continued to play its part in the local fetes by providing a meal of Paella and live music from 'Music Instinct' It was good to see a good turn-out.

We cleared up a point re the actual event itself, we had learnt from going to the same event over the years at Le Grand Pressigny that the Saint Jean being celebrated was Saint John the Baptist and the lighting of the bonfire - no  fireworks - was to celebrate the summer solstice.A lot of people associate the bonfire with Joan of Arc (understandably) but then that would be the 'Feu de Jeanne'

Barrou's bonfire was less spectacular than Le grand Pressigny's have been but the kids were still happy to dance around it.

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