Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Serving up some art...

On Sunday morning we got all of Sandy's painting up on the walls of the ‘Les Tilleuls’, the village restaurant,  along with others from local artists. They will be there for the week. She has already sold a couple to our local mayor and has also been given a couple of commissions to paint peoples houses - in watercolours.

An interesting drawing of Barrou turned up for display ,,,

 ...a plan showing the buildings lost due to flooding in the past, think in the 1930's but not sure. Will try and find out more. - the buildings lost are marked above.

The loss has been turned into a lovely riverside walk... protected by a new levee.

You can view more of Sandra's work here

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  1. A lovely riverside walk and a new levee... home to and evening of good music in July. Let's hope the weather improves...