Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Restaurant review... La Val de Creuse

Recently we decided to give the Val de Creuse restaurant in La Roche Posay another try. We had eaten here before for Sunday lunch when a high wind decided we would have to eat inside,despite it being very sunny, in their very well-appointed dining room. We ate alone that day with the meal being ok if a little pricey..but it was a Sunday.

This time we had sunshine (a rarer thing these days) and no wind so with a couple of friends, we had the opportunity to sit outside and take in the lovely views of the churh and terrace.

If you stand up and walk over to the wall of the terrace garden you can take in some fine views of the bridge and river Creuse itself.

The meal itself again could only be described as ok and it was served by a lady who looked as if she would rather have been somewhere else! The portions were small and left you hungry but the worse part was when we received the bill we were charged 11.50 euro for half a carafe of house wine! At the 'Auberge du Vieux Port' in Maire you can have a five course lunch including wine and coffee for that! We will not be back! It was interesting to note that the restaurant was rather quiet - there might be a clue there for the proprietors!.


  1. I'll make a note of your comments and perhaps give this one a miss, especially when there are so many other good value places to eat at!

  2. As we like to point out,this is only our opinion but you are correct re other options.

  3. What a shame, and it looks such a nice place.