Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fête de la confiture...

The nearby village of Abilly has an annual 'Jam Festival' which incorporates a vide-grenier (empty your attic) and a number of other displays. We attended this for the first time last year and liked it enough to return for the 2012 event on Sunday. The weather was a little overcast after the great spell of weather we just had but it was ok for trekking around the stalls and browsing. Pauline tried to stop me from buying anything, as usual but failed - couple of nice little bargains.

These events are always a good place to bump into friends and acquaintances and today was no exception.

 I liked the way they had more on the little park on the 'Ile de la Claise' by the mill this year,it is a great spot but could be missed if you stayed on the main street.

This year there seemed to be less jam stalls - or did we miss them?

The Salle de Fetes had its usual display of quality craft work...

and the oh so serious 'Jam Judges' were still on the stage from last year so that was handy!


  1. They must have been bargains !!!!

    How do they taste the jam?

    1. By the spoonful; or so it would appear from watching them!
      The one on the extreme right doesn't look too hapy about what she's just tasted though.

    2. They pass the jar along the line - and jot down a score - you wonder at their judging 'abillyty' to notice any difference after a few jars!

  2. The tasting looks like a good excuse for a social occasion! We used to have "produce" classes at our allotment show back in Leeds. Not only jams, but separate classes for jellies, pickles and chutneys too! We didn't have a panel of judges, just one poor soul who tasted everything. When faced with thirty jars, at least one judge did a preliminary selection by appearance and only tasted the best looking.