Monday, 25 June 2012

A walk around...Chaumont garden festival

On Thursday we made our annual visit to the garden festival in the grounds of  the chateau at Chaumont sur Loire. We had gone despite the 'Meteo' weather forecast telling us that there was the potential for hailstones and storms! Indeed as we entered the festival we were advised of the evacuation procedure for when the storm hit - honest! They love a good orage here but as you can see from the photograph below it turned out to be a lovely warm day, if a little blowy!

This garden was designed by an Englishman and entitled 'Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité - look out the gnomes are revolting - wouldn't go that far but certainly not braw.I'd have thought 'An Englishman's gnome is his castle' to be more appropriate due its location.

Here are a couple more shots...

I liked this garden,which might not be to everyone's taste, entitled 'Lèche- vitrine' (window shopping) Its 'blurb' tells us it is "An anthem to temptation! Is this garden seeking to defy the laws of desire and frustration?"  Well I don't know!

Don't know what the appeal was in 'Un jardin psyché-délice' but here it is anyway!

I have put a slideshow of our walk around the garden festival on my Loire Valley site here but it is a poor substitute for an actual visit.

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