Sunday, 17 June 2012

Church on Sunday...Manthelan

The current L'église Saints-Gervais-et-et-Saint-Protais-et-Volusien (bit of a mouthful) in Manthelon sits on the site of an original 5th century church founded by Volusien, the 7th Bishop of Tours. It is said he brought relics of Saints-Gervais and Saint-Protais from the cathedral at Tours to sanctify his new church thus we have the name. When later churches were built on the site they added the original founders name as they obviously didn't think it was long enough!.

The present church was rebuilt in 1868 with only the bell tower being left of the previous 12th century church.

It is quite a narrow church currently fitted out with chairs rather than pews.

                                      It has some good examples of 20th century stained glass.

Where's Joan?

Outside has given way slightly, to modernity and h&s with this ugly external stairway.

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