Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Barrou's Glastonbury...

Ok perhaps not Glastonbury but...next Saturday,7th July, the banks of the river Creuse here in Barrou plays host to the 8th 'Festival of Contemporary Music' "THE BARROUDEURS" .An open air event we have attended for the last 4 years which nearly always throws up some interesting acts.



  1. We arrive on Saturday afternoon so if we feel up to it we'll nip over and see what's happening. It depends how tired we are as we will have set off at 4am !!

    Mind you, it's amazing how much residual energy we can muster if there's something we don't want to miss and at this time of year there's such a lot, especially at weekends. Life becomes a blur as we hurtle from one place to another trying to do all of it !!

  2. There is also 'Rassemblement de Chorales' at Abilly which we haven't been to as yet but friends have told us that it is really good -different choirs in different locations throughout the village. We might try it and catch the end of the Barrou fest..