Sunday, 15 July 2012

Church on Sunday...St Martin d'Abilly

Today we visit the church in the village of Abilly in Southern Touraine.The Eglise St Martin d'Abilly is situated in the centre of the village and there has been a place of worship here since the 9th century. Part of the existing church dates from the second half of the 11th century but the majority is from the 12th with some additions during the 15th century..  

There are three aisles ending in apses opening directly onto the transept. The original naive roof was lost to time and replaced by the existing vaulted timber roof .

There are some fine pieces of artwork on display within the church, one showing St.Martin with the Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus... well as some delicate stained glass.

 The wooden pulpit has replaced the original stone pulpit which can still be viewed opposite. As we were visiting the church the cleaners arrived and were kind enough to turn on the lights to allow us to view it at its best.

Where's Joan?

She was found beside St Antoine and others randomly place to the side of the aisles.

The rear of the church with its Romanesque features more apparent.


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