Monday, 9 July 2012

Going down a storm!...

Thought I might be beaten to the post with this one - with so many bloggers on site - and with Sunday taken over by my 'church' feature Colin got there first! 
Our 'Barroudeurs music festival' in the village on Saturday night was reasonably well attended,considering the local competition from choirs and fireworks and also blessed with fair weather, for the most part.

The location as ever proved ideal for the occasion with the main stage set up as usual on the riverbank with the seating and tables on the levees - making a natural theatre.The entertainment was provided by three bands, 'Music Instinct', 'Joyliner' and  'Tayazabel'. Music Instinct have featured here a couple of times before and gave a solid performance on Saturday night.

Next up were 'Joyliner' from Paris who are veterans of six rock albums - who were my favourites of the night. Interestingly all their songs on the night were in English.

While they were playing we were also treated to the competing fireworks from nearby Lesigny as a backdrop. 

The evening finished up with the headliners 'Tayazabel' who were billed as a reggie/ska band but it seemed to be a fusion of these genres with rapping over it - not to my taste. From Orleans,they have been together since 2002,  They had an interesting band member in an orange suit who, if his right hand wasn't moving I would have sworn he was a dummy - or maybe he was just bored of doing this for ten years! After a few ditties we had had enough and called it a night - which was just as well, as although we had been sitting under a starry sky minutes before, as we entered the house there was a deluge dropping on Barrou - pity the poor organisers and audience who were definitely not prepared for it - the sound mixing desk wasn't even under cover.

Here are some videos of the bands before rain stopped play... 

'Joyliner'  -look out for the Pete Townsend jump!



  Two for one

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