Sunday, 1 July 2012

Church on Sunday...Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine

Today's church is Église Saint-Blaise de Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine or is it Sainte-Maure and Saint Bridget ...anyway it is the rather imposing church in Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine..There has been a place of worship on this site since the 5th century when the then bishop of Tours built a church to house the relics of Saints Bridget  and Saint Maure, The present church was built in the late 19th century over the ruins of the existing church and crypt.

.On entering the church you are met by the ecclesiasticl sound of piped music which gives it a more atmospheric feel - more churches should have this. (Le Grand Pressigny does!).The one disappointing thing was that the crypt was locked - would have liked to have had a look down there


There  is the usual display of stained glass...

and other things of interest.

Where's Joan? - here we have three for the price of one.

 As usual it is the outside of the church where you can see much of its history.

The external entrance to the locked crypt


  1. I'm enjoying your 'Church on Sunday' series. My mother has a large collection (over 600) of picture postcards representing Belgian churches. In the nineties I couldn't travel without buying and/or sending at least one postcard of a church. I bet she would enjoy your series too, but she 83 and doesn't want to learn how to use the computer. Such a shame ...

  2. Glad you like it - don't think I'll ever make the 600 mark though! Shame about your mum and computers - where I can understand the idea of not wanting to learn how to use it, there are many people of her age who get a lot of enjoyment out of surfing the net and indeed have so much knowledge and experience its a pity it cannot be shared.