Monday, 2 July 2012

The early bird...

On Saturday morning around 7.30 am I heard the now not unfamiliar sound of a hot air balloon burner - which sounded as if it was out in our courtyard - it almost was! These things are noisy! 

What must it be like in the basket if we are hearing it as loud at ground level? I can only assume the relevant earplugs are issued on take-off. This is something we would like too experience - but it is a bit too rich for our pockets. 

They must have got up early for this flight as they were just about to land in the field by the side of the road on the way into Le Grand Pressigny, as we drove past to say goodbye to our guests just before 8.00 (they had a long drive to Zeebrugge ahead of them)..

1 comment:

  1. We used to take two days over that journey to Zeebbbruggge... here to the ETAP at Issneauville [to avoid Rouen rush hour]... leave at 9 and reach the Ferry terminal around 4.45 / 5PM [and that's in the Merc!] Plus the oblige-a-tory beer shopping en-route... naturelli meant!

    And as for ballooooonin', very early morning or late evening [when the air is cold] gives you more flight for the gas.