Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wheeling and dealing...

At a recent brocante I spied this old wheel for sale and it reminded me of the time when we actually had a stall at our annual event here in Barrou. We shared it with our French neighbours Francois and Dominique - one side of the table with their stuff (don't know why but I love the word stuff!) and ours on the other. We both did rather well selling the biggest percentage of our items. One thing Francois had on display was an old wheel similar to the one above but in a much,,,and I mean much worse condition. I suggested to him that there was no way someone was going to buy such a wheel in such poor condition. Anyway, as the brocante was nearing the end an old gent came over and started to circle the wheel showing more than a modicum of interest.He left but returned a few minutes later and started to negotiate the price - and actually bought it! Astonished, I asked Francois why he would buy such a thing?. His answer was short and straightforward - "he had a barrow without a wheel" - should have expected it really!.

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