Sunday, 8 July 2012

Church on Sunday...Saint Remy

Colin & Elizabeth came over for a visit last Wednesday and we took them over to 'Ethni-Cite',  the troglodytes that overlook the village of Saint-Rémy-sur-Creuse in the department of Vienne, just over the river from us here in Barrou. We are always surprised as to how so many people who live in and around Southern Touraine haven't visited this interesting site. Our walk for the afternoon took us along past the site and up to the church and tower that was one of the last outposts of Richard the Lionheart..

We have done the walk a few times and until now always found the church to be locked. As I was saying this to Colin he suggested that we should try it anyway - glad we did - it was open! 

The church of Saint Rémy is a small, simple Norman church with a single nave and its this simplicity that holds its charm.

You enter the church through a side portal that still has some remains of it Romanesque origins.

Unusually, it is sheltered by this wooden porch.

 Once inside you are immediately hit by its austerity.

As ever,time has contributed a mixture of styles.

In the central cupola, the keystone is a statuette, St.Rémy perhaps?

There is another unique set of 'stations of the cross'.

 Where's Joan?
My friend Mike has done a good post here on finding the real Joan.


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