Tuesday, 31 July 2012

One for Kevin?...

On a recent return visit to 'Domaine de de la Croix Melier' in Montlouis for 'supplies'  we came across this rather large excavation on the road leading up to their house. On speaking to Madame we were informed that it is to be a house or perhaps a 'wine house' it is certainly going to have a fine cave! A Grand Design for sure,I'm sure Kevin would love a trip to the Loire Valley...or is it too far gone?.


  1. Doesn't Kevin live in France now?

  2. That's one fine hole... wish I had one... What have they done with the spoil?

  3. Who is Kevin ? Or am I just being thick !!

  4. Pauline - don't know - not up on my celebs.

    C & A - They've taken it down the hill to spread out on the land plus I'm sure there will be a lot of 'filling' being done.

    Jean - Ah - how refreshing - Kevin Mc Cloud, he hosts 'Grand Designs' on Channel 4

  5. Colin & Elizabeth

    Sorry! I see I have changed you union to that of a now (I think in UK) extinct department store!