Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Are the new 'Blondie' in town?...

When I went to Tours airport last week to pick Pauline up after a visit to her mum in Scotland I was sitting outside waiting for her flight from Dublin,(don't ask ) which was unusually late for Ryanair, I overheard two English chaps on their mobiles bemoaning the airport and referring to it as "not so much an airport, more a room". I could sort of understand where they were coming from as the current impovements mean that things are a little tight in the departure area and as you can see from the pic, just a little disorganized.

Some changes  have been in place a while - like the car park/hire car office reorganization -no longer a portacabin ...

...well at least a more glamorous one

There were a few people waiting for the flight to arrive but one pair in particular caught my eye - now I am in no position to comment on anyone's hairstyle but I had to do a double-take to check if they were for real -they were! Thought maybe 'Blondie' were gigging at Tours.Didn't hang around to see who they were waiting for but bet you they were blonde!


  1. At least if the flight was late Pauline wouldn't have to endure that awful trumpet at the end with whatsisname bragging about always landing early, which could have something to do with adding time to the flight time in the first place !!

  2. Exactly what she said when she eventually got here. Of course I'm sitting thinking, should I be at Poitiers?

  3. I like the way the hire cars have now taken over most of the car park... Last few times we have been there its park on the grass only!!! BUT at least it is free...