Thursday, 24 May 2012


I have mentioned before about how easily the Loire Valley can be accessed from Paris and vice-versa, well on Thursday last, we again took advantage of this. Pauline was going on her weekend away with 'the girls' to Granada and flying out from Orly. I took the opportunity to do some research for my new site so travelled up with her. We had got 15 euro fares to Montparnasse on the TGV (both ways) and I stayed with my brother Richard (Francoise was going with Pauline) so a great deal!. We took the metro from Montparnasse to 'Denfert Rochereau' and then caught the 'Orlybus' to the airport. 

All straightforward and good to do, as no point in advising other people to do it if I hadn't experienced it myself. After Pauline was settled at Orly I then took a lot of photographs and then the alternative 'Orlyval' back to 'Antony' station where I caught the RER back into the city.I have done the same thing at Charles de Gaulle and I am surprised that I have never been questioned as to why I am taking so many photographs. Especially with the obvious security presence.
 I then spent the day doing many of the trips on the site - like walking from Gare d'Austerlitz to Gare de Lyon (and back) and Gare de L'est to Gare du Nord. I had done these before but wanted more pics. to make it easier for visitors to the site.  

Afterwards,leg weary, I headed over to Richard's apartment with a nice bottle of red wine to ease the pain.

Top centre -how lucky are we having a brother in Paris.

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