Monday, 21 May 2012

Victims of hit-and-run...

One thing to watch out for here in France is the lack of respect for the motor car.If you park in a car park you just might return to that all too familiar little dent where the car beside you has not paid enogh attention when opening their door. Almost every car over here has these marks and you get used to seeing them. You will probably notice that many cars have other scrapes and scratches perhaps confirming the fact that the car is not in many cases as much loved over here as some in the UK. On a recent outing we had parked up and returning to our car we noticed the front of our little Citreon C3 had had its offside bumper hit and scraped. Our little car parked innocently had been the victim of a small hit and run!. No note or insurance details, no thought at all for us or the car just another of life's little scrapes. Shame really!


  1. How frustrating and annoying - it just goes to show it can happen anywhere.

    A very high proportion of the cars we see in France seem to have bumps, scrapes and dings.

    1. Now is that not surprising Jean!! We encounter a good French driver every trip...

  2. A friend picked up her brand new car and 100 miles later a driver in a supermarket reversed into the side if it. Deb pulled over, and in the meantime the driver sped off, never to be seen again ...
    What rotten luck for both of you.