Sunday, 13 May 2012

Church on Sunday...Azay-sur-Cher

This Sunday we're of to the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Azay-sur-Cher. As you cross the river Cher it's not hard to get its bearings.

The origin of the church, which is pretty unimpressive from its front elevation, dates back to the 12th century but like most churches of Touraine it has gone through various changes over the proceeding centuries. All that remains of the 12th century church is under the octagonal steeple, which itself, was added in the 15th century.The nave was rebuilt at the end of the 18th century and expanded in the middle of the 19th.

You get a pleasant surprise as you go through its front door as, although not the largest of churches, its interior draws you in. The stained glass window of the chancel depicts Mary Magdalene to whom the church is dedicated.

                                                Here are more photographs of the interior...

and of the outside from the rear of the church...

This view shows what's left of the original church.

Where's Joan?...nowhere to be found in here! 

Thought I'd start showing exactly where these places are on Sundays...

Footnote: It was in a field near here in 1189 that the 'Treaty of Azay-sur-Cher', was agreed between Philip II of France and Henry II of England which ultimately lead to the loss of England's hold on this and any, part of France.

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