Saturday, 26 May 2012

Car with Klutz problems...

Our friends Mike and Liz over in Lesigny, knowing that Pauline was away on her 'girl's' trip to Granada invited me over for dinner last Saturday night and also gave me a bed for the night so as I could enjoy a glass or two of our favourite sparkly. Mike is a great cook and could show a few of the locals a trick or two, add to this the delightful deserts of Liz's making and you you have the recipe for a very good night - and it was.

This time of year has me waking with the dawn chorus and I can only lie in 'til around 6.00am - with this in mind I thanked them at the end of the night and let them know that I would 'sneak off' early and try not to disturb them. They have a slight hill on their drive so I thought it would be a good idea to free-wheel out, thus not having to start the engine and potentially disturb them. Great plan - a slight push and we were off, only to come to a halt just before going on to the road, which again was a hill (this time quite steep) another push I thought and we would be away - and it came to pass... have you ever tried to hold back,small though it is, a Citreon C3 and jump in at the same time? Don't! Before I could get in and steer the car, made more difficult because the engine wasn't on, I kissed the wall opposite - more of a 'smacker' actually, but do you know what - does it bother me - no - its only a car and after the 'hit-and-run' incedent it only meant that balance was restored as it was the opposite side.


  1. We know!!!! it was really done (both of them) so you had a true French rural car... We have some black duct tape if you really want to make it fully authentic...

  2. It sounds like something out of a Laurel and Hardy film! Even more authentic, that manky texture on the bonnet from too much sun.