Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Brocante LGP

Quilt sample from 'craft' exhibition in salle de fetes - especially like the tartan bits.
Sunday the 29th April was Le Grand Pressigny's 'Brocante/Vide-Grenier' and 'Foire aux vins' normally a colourful event but sadly the weather again was going to play its part - and it did. It was cold and windy - not what we normally expect at this time of year and not what the organizers would have expected.This affected both stall-holder and visitor numbers.

Pauline and I had a quick (very) browse at the stalls that had braved the elements but there was nothing screaming 'buy me' at us . Nor was there very much that would qualify for my bizarre file...

...although I did see this interesting 'night light'!

We headed of to the salles de fetes and the  'Foire aux vins'. As we entered we were met with the splendour of the frocked dignitaries. Now someone has to help me here - the village website tells us that this event is 'Organisée par l'association Coussin d'Amour' - love pillow? Should I be in this association? Though don't think I'd suit the robes!

Who has been de-robed? Answer below.
Our timing timing was bad, we walked in just as 'the speeches' started - every stall-holder was given a name check - even though they all had signs up telling us who they were! Then all (or so it seemed) wine producers were given a certificate - our favourite M.Berthelot from 'Domaine de de la Croix Melier' in Montlouis  received two.

After placing an order for ourselves and friends for his excellent sparkling rose we had a look around the stalls which were a feast for your eyes and taste buds.

We popped into the craft-work exhibition on the way out where a lot of skills were displayed.The quilt sample at the top of the post was made up of squares of about 20mm! 

Footnote: Answer to who the man not in robes(and had lost his head),it is the ever-present at these events and hard working, Monsieur Gérard Henault, Maire de Ferrière-Larçon. Conseiller général du Canton de Grand Pressigny


  1. We think the robes would suit you but unlike the French being a Scot you would have to wear nowt underneath!!!! That would be worth blogging about!!!

  2. Even though the weather was rubbish, we wish we could have been there.
    One day.......