Thursday, 17 May 2012

Night and Day...

We had dined at Le Paille-en-Queue (explanation of name here..) in St Remy sur Cruese before, just shortly after it had reopened, following refurbishment. The new bright decor was a bit of a surprise, but not an unpleasant one! We opted for the 'plat de jour' that day for lunch and were seated in the lower level of the restaurant with the workers. The food was fine and good value for money, as most lunchtime menus are around here. We did get a bit of a surprise when, for dessert, we were offered a yogurt (in its carton) or wait for it... a frozen 'Snicker's' bar. 
I never thought I'd have this in a French restaurant but hey - the workers were having them, so I did as well -and enjoyed it!

We were hearing good reports re evening dining here so we returned to experience it ourselves.

Again, a picture is worth a thousand words as they say,so only need a few more...very good.


  1. We ate there "a la carte" last year and it was excellent.
    Later we returned for the cheap lunch and it was ok but a little downmarket. There are better places to have the "menu du jour" for lunch I think, but we would definitely eat from the full price menu again.

    The decor was, as you suggest, a little too bright and rather alarming !! Goodness knows who decided that viciously bright yellow was a good colour to accompany a nice meal !!

  2. Would agree with you re lunchtimes - still plenty of other places to check out.