Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Brocante in the round...

For our 'Mayday' outing last week we drove up into the forest behind La Guerche/Leugny to La Rond du Chene to check out their fete. We had driven through this area before and wondered about the location.It is a point in the forest where 10 roads meet in the middle of an almost complete decahedron formed by local country roads which seems a little unnatural - why?

There is an unusual building, for the area, in the middle -does some secret society meet here?                   Any answers out there?

Anyway back to what was on display - they obviously expected a large crowd judging on what was on offer.

We arrived around 10.30 to a massive pile of frites that would obviously have to be reheat should there be any takers later on, as there were none for the moment - yummy!

It was an event that brought out the top people with both the current president and his successor in attendance.


Plus some of the cabinet...

Minister for the environment
Minister for agriculture
Minister for public services

My favourite was the transport minister.


  1. Jim,
    Given where the building is... and having lived in the far north of Scotland... I'd hazard a guess at a posh Hunting Lodge! In the middle of a pre-Revolution estate... they would have been the only people 'rich' enough to have that many "Roads to Nowhere".
    Tim [on Pauline's machine]

    1. Think your correct but what about that ten-sided thing...

    2. Links to the Masons?
      Early trial design for the 50p coin?
      The mistress was driving him round the bend...
      the wife was driving him round the bend...
      they both were!?
      The Holy Grail is in that lodge?