Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Do not be mislead...

Travelling back down from Tours airport my curiosity got the better of me just outside Ligueil on the D 50. If you use this road you will know there is a new roundabout just before heading down Route de Tours into the village. This is to facilitate the as yet to be started, bypass to Loches to the left.

To the right the road is finished and takes some pressure of the village centre by taking away traffic heading for Descartes...

...but it also indicates that it is also the new route to Le Grand Pressingy and Preuilly sur Claise avoiding Ligueil - which can only be good as it not always the easiest place to drive through. So of I headed in the allotted direction in anticipation, trying to second guess where it might eventually lead me. Where it lead me to was a new roundabout on the D59 with no indication as to what direction Le Grand Pressigny was in. Now I knew it was to the left and I also knew that I was driving back into the village! In fairness I did miss out the tight main street but probably covered twice the distance I should have - how disappointing! I think it would be a good idea to force HGVs this way to take them away from the centre but I will be continuing to use the dierect route in future.

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  1. We thought exactly the same thing!

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